September – summer draws to a close

September was a good month in the garden but the weather didn't give us that final splurge of summer we sometimes get in England. The wind and rain didn't play a major role but neither did the sun. It was getting cooler every day and those balmy evenings we spent dead heading and mooching round … Continue reading September – summer draws to a close


I'm going to split July into two entries - first our new raised bed and all the flowers that started blooming and secondly the sunflowers. I'll start with the raised bed we bought at the end of June. At the same time I ordered some plug plants so we would have something that had a … Continue reading July


June started much as May ended, me working and husband still on furlough. The weather had started to change a little, it was marginally wetter and we had less days of wall to wall sunshine. To be honest I didn't mind too much. I don't like the really hot weather and because I was working … Continue reading June