20 February 2021

So the first signs of Spring have arrived. The bulbs that I planted back in October and November have been peaking through the soil for weeks but finally the flowers have arrived. One by one the crocus are starting to show their colours and they are so beautiful. Vivid purples and yellows so far, with many more still to emerge. The tulip leaves look amazing, the different varieties with their different colours and stripes even now, months before they are due to flower.

Every morning I’ve been doing a quick check and the speed with which everything is emerging is astonishing. I’ve never really paid this much attention to it. Spring just happens but now I’m focusing on it, it’s awe inspiring to watch. Despite the freezing temperatures of the last few weeks and the biting winds these plants are pushing themselves towards the light, determined to get a head start on Spring. It’s the living embodiment of Hope going on, right outside my window.

I’ve also been planting seeds indoors – onions and echinacea so far but I’m planning to get my first sweet peas in and on their journey this weekend. I have limited space indoors but I think I might get 5 or 6 trays of seeds going. I have shop bought sweet peas seeds and seeds that I harvested from my own plants last year – I can’t wait to see if there is any difference.

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