Six On Saturday – 22nd May 2021

Six on Saturday – a bit late today as I spent the morning in the garden and then a couple of hours watching Binfield FC in The FA Vase – sadly they didn’t win but it was a good game and it was kind of surreal for me listening to the commentators talking about the village I lived in for 20 years before I came back home to Liverpool. Thanks to our host The Propagator for his Six On Saturday blog – have a read of his blog here and read some of the other great blogs that take part.

One – Euphorbia – I have two varieties in my garden, epithymoides and martinii. I love Euphorbia so much – in previous gardens I’ve had them growing in the ground but I have them in pots now and they grow just as well. The Martinii has a strange chocolate/tobacco smell that I really love.

Two – Geum Mrs Bradshaw – This one didn’t flower last year so I’m glad to see it this year. I have three and they all look like they’re on the verge of flowering.

Three – Sunflower seedlings – we had tons of sunflower seedlings this time last year but they’re very slow this year. I’ve actually just planted some extras today because I’m a bit worried by the lack of growth so far. I planted some dwarf seedlings in a corner planter but there’s no sign of them so far.

Four – Beetroot – I love the colour of these plants. They’ve been in the ground a week now and already they have new leaves and are a great colour. Not sure if I’m going to eat them (they were part of a veg patch that we bought without picking what was in it) because I only like pickled Baby Beetroots (and really only Baxters – I’m a bit picky!) but you never know, they might be ok – if not they’re still a pretty addition to that bed. I’m definitely going to be harvesting them while they’re still small.

Five – Cosmos – these were the standout success of last year so I saved a lot of seeds and have some lovely, strong plants which I put outside today. I also have one that I’ve had on my windowsill indoors since February because it found its way into a tray of onion seedlings. They grow really well, if a little leggy, indoors.

Six – Potatoes – I am soooo excited about the potatoes. I have this bed full of second earlies – Charlotte. They are huge and look very strong. There is a definite issue with sun in the bed though – clearly one side gets way more sun. I also have half another raised bed of Desiree main crop, plus 5 bags of main crop. It won’t be long before I’m sticking my hand in the soil every day checking on them 😉 Oh and you can see my new pop up cage in this picture, protecting my cauliflower, kale and broccoli plants. It’s fabulous.

Thanks to The Propagator – why not come and join us at Six On Saturday next week.

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