Six On Saturday, June 26th

It’s been a few weeks since I took part in Six on Saturday, I’ve been busy in the garden during the week (I work from home so I get to take my breaks out there) but I keep remembering my blog post on Sunday mornings – doh!

Things have moved on a lot in the vegetable half of the garden the last few weeks but the flowers all seem to still be a month behind – I hope they catch up soon!

Thanks to our host The Propagator – pop over to his blog and have a read of all the other garden folks taking part in Six On Saturday.

My six this week:

One – I’ll start with the vegetables as they have been giving me great joy this week. I have harvested my first Charlotte potatoes. I know that I over-planted them back in April but I figured how big could they grow – they have a square metre, they’ll be fine. Hmm.. I was wrong – they are enormous! They are spilling out of all sides of the raised bed and threatening the strawberries/beans in the next beds along! But we have a successful harvest. Some are a little small but perfectly respectable for early Charlottes and they taste delicious. Today I’ve taken up a few more plants and got enough for our dinner tonight and able to take some to my mum, along with some strawberries, a lettuce and a couple of pea pods (they seem to be ripening just in ones and twos at the moment). It’s so satisfying to be able to grow things that we can actually eat, I’ve been having kale, strawberries and spinach smoothies every morning but I’m not so sure about the beetroot – I’m a Baxters’ Baby Beetroot from a jar girl so these beautiful beets are a bit of a mystery to me. I just roasted them but I think they smell, well, too beetroot-y for me – ha ha!

Two – Sweet Peas. These are one of my favourite flowers and I’m itching for them to get on with it and flower in abundance. I’ve had one small bunch that I have on my desk but they are all a bit slow this year. They smell so wonderful.

Three – Petunias have definitely been in my Six on Saturday before but I make no apologies. I absolutely adore them. I have five or six varieties and they are all glorious. They seem to grow anywhere and there is something so irresistible about the way the leaves feel and how they look after the rain (there’s been plenty of that in the last few weeks!). Night Sky (top right and bottom left) is my favourite I think.

Four – Poppies. They are so flimsy I feel like I should be careful when I walk past them but they are prolific – replacing every lost set of petals with new flowers seemingly instantly. I have a pot with red and white and a pot with red and yellow. They are so delicate and almost ethereal – a joy to have them in the garden.

Five – Hydrangeas. We have five hydrangea plants and these are definitely at least three or four week behind where they were last year. They’ve started to bloom but very slowly.

Six – Foxgloves. Third year for these plants and I fear we’ve had the best of them. I’ve sewn a lot of seeds that I collected last year so will be planting some new plants later in the year to replenish the five or six we currently have.

Thanks again to our host The Propagator – please visit and check the other blogs that take part.

8 thoughts on “Six On Saturday, June 26th

  1. It’s gorgeous. We’ve been so lucky with petunias this year – they’re all wonderful. It is a lovely time – still want a bit more colour but I think it will be here in a few weeks.


  2. I just love hot boiled beetroot, then cold the next day in salads. I’ve yet to start on mine, though like you I’ve started on Charlottes, which are great. Spinach smoothies though, mmm, not for me I think.

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    1. I roasted a couple of beets but they still have that terrible earthy taste – so I put them in a Tupperware box and drenched them in balsamic vinegar – hoping that makes them taste better! I love spinach and kale in a smoothie – I hate the texture of cooked spinach so a smoothie is the best way to get greens into my body without making myself sick LOL. Charlottes every day for a month at this rate I think!


    1. Ooh thank you for this – I will take a look. I love poppies – so happy that they all flowered again this year!


  3. Sounds like a great veg harvest, it is so satisfying as you say, almost miraculous I think! I love roast beetroot with goat’s cheese but if you find it too earthy try putting it in a gratin, the cheesy sauce disguises the earthiness. Or you can’t go wrong with Riverford, so try to Hortus’ suggestion. It has I think been a very slow year for sweet peas, I keep willing mine to flower but we’re not there yet…

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    1. Yes, lots of my flowers are so far behind this point last year. Sunflowers are slowly catching up but Cosmos and Sweet Peas are very tardy!

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