Six On Saturday – June 18

I haven’t done one of these for a while, and this will be a quick one. I’m attending an online Menopause festival today – learning lots and remembering that my garden is the perfect place to go and take a breath when the realities of being a perimenopausal woman start to get me down.

Six things on Saturday is a great way to show off the things that you love most in your garden – join in here with The Propagator, our host.

  1. My Three Sisters bed – beans, sweetcorn and squash (also has a pumpkin in there for good measure). It’s growing nicely inside its cage to stop the naughty sparrows.

2. Strawberries. My first real haul of strawberries this year. The blackbirds are very interested so most of the big strawberries have been protected in little organza bags – seems to be working well so far, until the blackbirds work out how to open the bags I guess.

3. Petunias – we have lots and lots of petunias but I’m really happy with this, variety Black Ray.

4. Campanula. This is an upright variety of campanula I think – it looks nothing like the flat, ground cover versions I have elsewhere in the garden but the label says campanula!!

5. Hydrangea – they are a little later than usual flowering this year but they’re on their way. We have 5 big plants and they are all pink but slightly different shades. They’re one of my favourite things in the garden.

6. This last one is an area rather than an individual plant. Earlier in the year we cleared this area at the back of the garden and there’s much more space there now. I have put all the pots which the spring bulbs are still in and it’s great to have somewhere to leave them to die back on their own. It also meant I can have 6 or 7 pots of main crop potatoes (in the grey pots in the photo), I’ve also got some courgettes, radish, nigella, cosmos and zinnia. Just growing them on and will pot them up individually in the next month or so.

Back to my day online – learning and laughing with some very interesting people! But I know I’ll be back out in the garden at some point later to cool down and take a breath. Enjoy your gardens this weekend for whatever reason you need them.

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