Starting to come back to life – March 2023

As you can probably tell from the first few photos, March was a month of contrasts. Lots of new growth appearing, pushing its way through the soil, only to be quickly buried by snow on the 10th! Thankfully it disappeared as quickly as it came (fell overnight and was gone by the same lunchtime!).

We had a couple of sharp frosts but as I’m writing this at the start of April it’s warming up overnight now and I’m hoping that’s the last we’ll see of snow. Of course it’s Easter this weekend so you never know!

Things that made me joyful this month were my delphiniums growing strongly and looking wonderful. They have a unique shade of green about them that I love. My day lilies have been uncovered from their winter sleep and while they need another clearing of dead leaves they are growing stronger every day.

I planted a lot of lupin seeds last year but they were all killed off by the extreme cold (I know -7 isn’t that extreme in some parts of the world but here in the sheltered North West of England that was very cold). So I was thrilled to see tiny little plants emerging from the pot I thought was empty. I know they won’t flower this year but if I can get some strong plants growing before Autumn I may get flowers next year.

I finally cut my hydrangeas back (after the snow) and they are looking great. I have 5 very strong plants that will be glorious in a few months time.

My spring bulbs have been very disappointing so far. I left all of last year’s bulbs in their pots over winter and they haven’t really come back. The crocus were very sparse and seemed to die off very quickly. I’ve had the odd tulip and two or three daffodils. I’ve got all my hopes pinned on the new tulip bulbs I planted which are looking stronger, but much later with their buds. Sod’s Law they will all open while I’m away on holiday at the end of this month! Same goes for the Cherry Blossom – it’s just emerging now but I don’t think I’m going to see it in its full glory.

The snakeshead fritillary bulbs have made a reappearance and they are spectacular. Only four flowers so far but that’s three more than last year so I can’t complain.

The aquilegia are also back and looking much bigger and stronger than last year – and in several more pots than I remember too but that’s the joy of them – waiting to see what new colour combinations they have found for themselves this year and which pots they’ve colonised!

This year has been odd so far, some plants seem ahead of where they were last year, some are behind. The extreme cold in December and relatively mild first few months we’ve had this year (with the odd exception!) may yet throw up some anomalies in the late spring and summer. I’ve been eagerly clearing winter detritus from pots and planting broad beans and zinnia. I have some seeds sewn in trays to be cared for by a friend while I’m away and then when I return in May it will be action stations getting every thing growing in our raised beds. Unless it’s snowing again of course!

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